Air Purification, Deodorization, Creation of Self-Cleaning Surfaces,
                                 Preventing the Spread of Germs and Disease
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The Four Practical Uses of Purecology


Air Purification

The American Lung Association and U.S. EPA have called indoor pollution America's #1 environmental health concern. After all, Americans spend 90% of their time indoors. The good news is that PureLife™ reduces indoor air pollutants such as Nox, SO2, chloroform, formaldehyde, airborne mold, gas fumes, insecticides, wood preservatives, ozone and toxic hydrocarbons. As such, it can perform a critical role in combating sick building syndrome and sick ship syndrome, two pervasive public health issues.

Air Deodorization

Organic molecules in the air are the cause of most odors. Unfortunately, deodorizing products such as air fresheners and detergents don't eliminate the cause—they only cover it up. So the smell often returns. Meanwhile, people keep breathing harmful molecules. Not so with PureLife™. It doesn't merely cover odors, it eliminates the source—whether those molecules come from tobacco smoke, urine, fecal material, cleaning agents, rotten food, garbage, pets, chemicals or any other organic source.

Microorganism Control

By sanitizing surfaces, PureLife™ helps control bacterial, fungal and viral outbreaks. It reduces these pathogens by destroying their cell membranes. As such, PureLife is 3x stronger than chlorination and 1.5x stronger than ozonation. And unlike these sanitizing agents, it doesn't wear off. It's been clinically proven to sustainably control E. coli, S. aureus (MRSA), P. aeruginosa and numerous other pathogens. This is hopeful news these days, when we hear with frightening regularity of people dying in hospitals from MRSA. Titanium dioxide nanocoatings such as PureLife™ were investigated for combating the potential threat of Anthrax and used by the Taiwanese government in 2003 to successfully combat the SARS outbreak.

Self-Cleaning Surfaces

PureLife™ converts the organic deposits that infest surfaces and ultimately cause soiling and staining. Breaking these deposits down essentially produces a "self-cleaning" surface. PureLife™ has proven effective for cleaning glass, tile, synthetic fabrics, plaster and drywall, concrete and painted, metal, wood or plastic surfaces. Surfaces exposed to bright, direct sunlight—or those made of organic material or painted with organic paint—must first be treated with PureLife™ Primer.



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