Air Purification, Deodorization, Creation of Self-Cleaning Surfaces,
                                 Preventing the Spread of Germs and Disease
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Using PureLife™ to Produce Self-Cleaning Surfaces


Self Clean Surfaces

PureLife™ exhibits another remarkable property that's been extensively employed throughout Asia. It reduces and prevents the soiling, staining and discoloration of exterior surfaces. Such unsightly effects can stem from smoke, exhaust, airborne particulates, bird droppings, water-spots and a host of other airborne contaminants.

PureLife™ has a self-cleaning mechanism of action that basically works on two fronts. First, it decomposes organic debris on surfaces such as from dust, oils or bird droppings. But that's just the beginning. PureLife™ goes on to fundamentally change the physical characteristics of a surface. This property is called super-hydrophillicity, which means the surface causes water to spread out flat on it rather than bead up. As a result, dust, particles and acid-forming chemicals that cause discoloration and staining simply can't stick to the surface for long. As soon as it rains or water splashes the surface, these contaminants are swept away. The result is an exterior surface that keeps on looking brand new. These self-cleaning surfaces dramatically reduce associated costs of maintenance while preserving any structure's visual appeal.

Exterior surfaces where PureLife™ can be used

  • Leather
  • Building sidings
  • Tiles
  • Asphalt roofing materials
  • Building walls
  • Aircraft windows and fuselages
  • Truck and auto windows and bodies
  • Boat and ship surfaces
  • Gravestones and monuments
  • Skylights
  • Towers and sculptures
  • Stadium walls and substructures
  • Road signs and support structures
  • Glass mirrors and windows



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