Air Purification, Deodorization, Creation of Self-Cleaning Surfaces,
                                 Preventing the Spread of Germs and Disease
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Introducing the PureLife™ Product Family



Each member of the PureLife™ product family is part of the One Green World Alliance of environmentally friendly products, technologies and places.

PureLife™—is the standard formulation and is recommended for general indoor air deodorizing and purifying applications. It's especially suited for rooms or spaces that are not subjected to heavy traffic and where air circulation and light levels are relatively high.

PureLife™ Primer—since PureLife™ is a powerful oxidizing agent, it also can decompose certain organic materials—such as some paints, leather, cotton or wool fabrics and wood. These materials first need a protective layer of PureLife™ Primer before being treated with PureLife™.

PureLife™ Plus—contains three times the density of proprietary TiO2 particles compared to PureLife™, for applications that require faster air purification or surface disinfection. This is especially desirable in contamination-prone areas such as healthcare centers, food service establishments and high-traffic public facilities. Environments with relatively low levels of incident light or air circulation also benefit from the higher conversion rate of PureLife™ Plus.

Purecology is a wise investment

Not only does PureLife™ enhance the healthfulness of living spaces. It also enhances their economic value. This is because potential buyers and investors clearly perceive the value-added of PureLife™ in buildings and spaces that have been treated with it. What's more, a One Green World Alliance Certification for your products or properties shows your customers and prospects that you care enough about their well being to invest in it. It's what you might call a green-green proposition.



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