Air Purification, Deodorization, Creation of Self-Cleaning Surfaces,
                                 Preventing the Spread of Germs and Disease
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The Vehicle Purification System that Protects Your Health

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Drive Healthy™ The First Permanent* Air Purification System FOR YOUR VEHICLE

Drive Healthy™ is the ONLY Air Purifier for your car that PURIFIES THE SURFACES AS WELL.

Applying Drive Healthy™ to dash boards, headliners, seat backs, doors and handles will turn them into self-sanitizing surfaces with the ability to destroy and prevent the spread of common colds, flu’s, and viruses, including the dreaded anti-biotic resistant MRSA and E-Coli bacteria. All that’s needed to turn your vehicle surfaces into Self-Sanitizers is Drive Healthy™ and LIGHT!

The ONLY Vehicle Purification System that PROTECTS YOUR HEALTH!

One treatment can remove harmful carcinogens found in the glues and plastics used to manufacture car interiors as well as remove and prevent the return of:

  • Foul odors and allergens such as food smells
  • Tobacco smoke
  • Body odors
  • Pet smells
  • Diesel
  • Exhaust emissions & noxious organic fumes
Even Those Odors That Have Been In The Vehicle For Years Can Be Removed
A team of scientists at U.C.L.A. discovered that the risk of heart disease, heart attack, or stroke increases by 70% through exposure to fumes commonly found in vehicles.

Drive Healthy™ is different because it constantly scrubs the air clean as you drive, creating a healthy breathing environment.

Drive Healthy™ is easy to apply, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, Ph neutral and creates a permanent invisible bond with your vehicle at ambient temperatures.

Drive Healthy™ is the smart way to eliminate odors and allergy triggers from your vehicle. One application lasts for years not hours like the competition. (See the comparison chart)

Drive Healthy™ is safe and simple to use – so safe in fact that the key active ingredients have been approved for many years for use on food and in food packaging.

Vehicle Markets That Need Drive Healthy™ To Protect Our Health
  • YOUR Car, Truck RV or Boat
  • Rental Car Companies
  • Car Washes
  • Auto Repair Shops
  • Auto Body/Collision Shops
  • Auto Upholstery Shops
  • Oil Change/Lube Quick Service Companies
  • Used Car/Truck/Boat/RV Dealers
  • Used and New Car/Truck/Boat/RV Repair Shops
  • School Buses
  • Public Transportation

Did you know...

What most people use to “freshen” the air of their car isn’t good for them? Scientific evidence proves it; just read the below test performed on Drive Healthy™ and the other leading vehicle air sanitizers.

One Green World, Inc. Drive Healthy Odor Causing Molecule Test

The Cosmos XP 329 Portable Odor Level Indicator is an extremely sensitive piece of equipment designed to precisely measure odor causing molecules and VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) like lead, arsenic and 100’s of other harmful carcinogens.

The higher the number of the reading, the higher the concentration of odor causing molecules and VOC’s.

To get a random sampling of the most popular air fresheners used in the marketplace we went to 4 different sources to purchase them: a full service car wash, a grocery store (Ralphs), a drug store (Rite Aid), and a mass merchandiser (Costco Wholesale).

In each vehicle we took a baseline measurement prior to introducing any air fresheners. We then treated/installed the air freshener in each vehicle as directed. We then took another reading with the precision odor/VOC Meter.

Odor/VOC Level in Vehicle

Name of Air Freshener Type Before Treatment After
% +
or -
Must Be
when odors
Flammable Eye

Renuzit®* Car Super Odor Neutralizer®*
Fine Mist Spray 360 1880 1520 422% YES NO YES
Auto Expressions “Fresh” Wildberries Fine Mist Spray 368 1909 1541 419% YES YES YES
Citrus Magic®* 100% Citrus Air Freshener Fine Mist Spray 378 1707 1329 352% YES YES YES
Little Tree in a Can™* Air Freshener Jasmin Fine Mist Aerosol 380 1901 1521 400% YES NO YES
Febreze®* Air Effects- Linen & Sky™* Mist Spray 399 1304 905 227% YES NO YES
Drive Healthy™
The World’s First Permanent Air Purification
System For Your Vehicle
Fine Mist Spray 371 73 -298 -80% NO! NO! NO!
*These trademarks are owned by their respective companies, and do not belong to One Green World.

What people really want is NO Odors, and once the Drive Healthy™ is activated with sun
light for a few hours it will continue its air purification process for years and provide that
clean odorless air in their vehicle as long as it is exposed to light

Apply Drive Healthy™ to all interior areas where light is visible and there is little repetitive abrasion. This includes; dashboards, doors, headliners, backs of seats, child car seats, carpets.

How Drive Healthy™ Works

Drive Healthy™ contains a proprietary formula of super oxides and hydroxyl radicals called PureLife™. The PureLife™ bonds, which are a formed of active oxygen, are generated on a surface treated with Drive Healthy™ and when UV light rays are absorbed into these bonds the electrons are excited.

When organic matter (germs and substances responsible for foul odors) comes into contact with these treated surfaces they are oxidized, broken down and removed. The organic matter that causes foul odors and disease is thereby subjected to sterilization, deodorization, and antifouling causing and the removal of pollutants to be achieved. The oxidation occurs in many ranges of light, so both indoor and natural light will activate the coating. Moreover, as UV rays are part of sunlight and fluorescent light, no special operating costs are required and thus the reaction can be maintained permanently.

With Drive Healthy™ you’ll be glad to know that air and surface quality in your car is always optimized. A completely safe and invisible coated layer applied to interior of your motor vehicle allows it to cleanse the air effectively by decomposing contaminants and releasing pure, fresh, natural oxygen(O2) back into your indoor environment. Pollutants such as Nox (nitrogen oxides), SOx (oxides of sulfur), dioxin and VOC’s, carbon monoxide(CO), odor-causing compounds, virus and
bacteria disintegrate and simply evaporate into the air.

Delivery Systems for Drive Healthy™

For Individual Use:
Pump Spray Bottles
VOC-Free Aerosolized Cans
Pre-Moistened Touch-up Towelettes

For Commercial/High Volume Use:
HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure)
Sprayer with small air compressors (or other air source)



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